Grand Road Trip of 2013 – Part 3

Pick up from the previous post, where we left the grand canyon for the wild Utah. Yeah personally I thought Utah itself is a huge national park. From Bryce Canyon to Capital Reef and Canyonlands, it’s almost contiguous wilderness all the way to Colorado.

Yovimpa Point

Panorama From Yovimpa Point

The midday view could not be compared to a sunrise, which shines the canyon from the east. The view all the way down to Yovimpa Point were similar but gradually offers a higher vantage point. It was decided not to drive to far away from where we stayed the night for time lapse photography.

Bryce Canyon Natural Bridge

The Natural Bridge in Bryce Canyon

That night the unusual high level of airglow cast a greyish haze on the starry night. Human could only preceive color in broad daylight when cone cells are functional. With long exposure, the full color is recorded on camera where airglow shines brightly in green.

Airglow and Milkyway

The moonlit canyon was awesome in time lapse I took that night with airglow on lower horizon mimicking aurora. The location however, offers a poor view for the Rho Ophiuchi regions.

The next day we drove across the Capitol Reef National Park and headed directly for the Canyonlands and Arches in Moab.

Green River Overlook

The Green River Overlook

Time was still limited for 2 days in Moab. We only had the chance to view the delicate arch. The delicate arch trail were one of the most difficult in the park. Half way through you would need some rock climbing over the slick rock before reaching the frame arch and the delicate arch.

The Frame Arch

The Frame Arch

Delicate Arch

Delicate Arch at Sunset

I’ve seen nice astrophotography in Arches National Park but it turned out the delicate arch trail are too strenuous for carrying equipment. With the lack of knowledge on where to go on the previous night, we drove to the panorama point to set up the gear.

Road to the Stars

The road to the stars

It turned out the Milky Way itself was bright enough. Should the Moab has less light pollution, the Sh 2-27 H-alpha region would be brighter in the view.

Color Palette of the Stars

The color palette of the sky were more difficult to image, with low altitute on horizon and LP, the SNR was low enough even with LPS-P2 filter.